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The 6th
Beaverton Celebration Family Fun Run
a Beaverton Celebration Weekend Event
9:00am Saturday September 9, 2017

The Beaverton Fun Run is a timed 5K run/walk for serious competitors, casual athletes, or family members of all levels and ages who want to share in fun. The run/walk begins one hour before the 60th annual celebration parade.


While riders are the heart and soul of any event, and officials are the mechanics who keep it all running, the sponsors are the glue who hold it all together allowing time for a race director to coordinate and put on the best event possible. Please say thank you to our sponsors by supporting their local businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

In our 3 year history we have heard a variety of questions from what kind of training is needed to what happens on race day. The most common inquiries will be posted below

Why do I need to create an account to register online?
The Oregon Bicycle Racing Association generously supports our event and allows us to use their registration system which is designed for annual license holders who can automatically sign up using their prefilled account.

Is there a way to avoid creating an indivdual accounts?
Yes, if you know some other runners and agree on a group, one person can create an OBRA account then sign up everyone else. The account holder will need to pay, but only has to fill out the other team members.

Are there any discounts?
Yes for team and group discounts please contact us directly at Events at Consystency.Net for details.

What happens on Race Day morning?
Please arrive early in time to pick up your number, have time to warm up, and be ready to race. If you would like to sign up on race day, please allow additional extra time.
You can then perform your pre-race rituals and be ready to gather at the starting line at 8:50 to 8:55.

My kids would like to run. What are the options?
For Juniors 10 years an older as of 12/31/2014, a parent may sign them up. For youth 9 and under, a kids youth dash will take place between 8:40 - 8:55 on a closed loop inside Griffith park or in the case of wet footing, along Griffith Park drive.